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Meet the experts!

Rok Jarc, Firmware Development Specialist - GEN-I

Rok Jarc is a Firmware Development Specialist in the Research and Development Department at GEN-I. He has been working on some interesting projects (Edge Connect, TEK, V2G...), which he is not allowed to talk about. Rok has been developing electronic modules and accompanying firmware for years now. Mostly he is familiar with embedded systems and different communication protocols. Challenges generally considered demanding or tricky would be his cup of tea. When he needs to recharge he turns to nature. Whether it be a walk in the forest or climbing a rock face. If there is still some time left he likes to play bodhrán or pick up a good book.

Miha Hribar, Software Developer - GEN-I

Miha Hribar became a programmer because he always liked working with computers and was interested in how they work. Of course, like many others, he was first drawn in by computer games which he still likes to play today in his free time. He joined GEN-I as a software developer. He mostly works on web and mobile applications, and recently he is also engaged in project management in the research and development department where they are developing sustainable solutions in the field of energetics. He has participated in projects in the fields of e-mobility, smart device management in the electrical grid and more.

David Vidmar, Chief Digital Officer - GEN-I

David Vidmar is a technology realist addicted to digital challenges. He began his career as a developer and continued as a software architect, evangelist and digital marketer. As a Chief Digitalisation Officer at GEN-I, he has created strategies that enable the company a digital and green transformation through the four pillars of such transformations: data, processes, technology and people. He enjoys talking and lecturing about digitalisation, the cloud, productivity, the Internet of Things, and why he believes we live in the craziest period of IT so far.

Dik Medvešček Murovec, Software Developer - GEN-I

Dik Medvešček Murovec currently works in the Research and Development department at GEN-I, where he is employed as a software developer focused on the development of web and mobile applications with the use of Angular, React, React Native, Ionic and Flutter. A recent project however took him in a different direction – the development of IoT software where he works mostly with AWS IoT Core and other AWS components and set up a private PKI. In his free time, he likes to keep an eye on the stock market, listens to philosophy podcasts and enjoys playing MMORPG games.

Sandi Kavalič, Head of Risk Management - GEN-I

After graduation, as a GEN-I scholarship holder, Sandi Kavalič was employed in the Office for Analysis and Management of the Portfolio and was quickly promoted to a Market Risk Management Specialist. With the exceptional knowledge and technical capabilities of financial modelling, Sandi is a key contributor in developing tools and upgrading processes at GEN-I. With the acquired experience, he contributes to the development of algorithms and methods of cross-border trading and is responsible for developing new services and products in the electricity and gas market. Since 2016, he manages the Risk management Team, and since 2017, he has also been responsible for running a Research and Development Team at GEN-I accountable for developing new energy services and technology solutions towards green energy transformation.

Nejc Konjevič - Video2Go

Nejc Konjevič is a multitalent who combines entrepreneurial knowledge, technical knowledge of the IT field in one person, and the ability to pass on his many experiences of the business world to the younger generations. Nejc is the founder and owner of the company NEJKO d.o.o., which deals with the creation of websites, online stores and programming of mobile and web applications. Also, under his wing is the Video2Go brand, which deals with video production and online video transmission. Nejc is also the head of the program and an active member of the Association of Entrepreneurship Academy, which annually organizes an entrepreneurial camp for all young people from all over Slovenia. They also organize business academies in three major places in Slovenia for people of all ages and organize business weekends in schools in Slovenia. Under his supervision also runs a newly-baked start-up which deals with developing interactive AR textbooks. In his free time, he encourages and support young people to solve their business ideas. When he is not at work, he prefers to be in the kitchen with a good company.

Olli-Pekka Mäkirintala - AGILS

Olli-Pekka Mäkirintala - AGILS Licentiate of Science (Technology), MSc (Economics) Olli-Pekka Mäkirintala is experienced international leader and start-up entrepreneur. I have substantial international experience in various areas such as sustainability (including environment), strategy development, entrepreneurship, leadership, agile, lean and traditional project management, strategy and business development and development of new high technology (digital, mobile) products and services. This includes leading global teams and networks, as well as exporting and selling new products and services globally. My experience covers working with policy makers, executives and other decision makers as well. In addition, I am executive coach and have mentored and consulted numerous start-ups and SMEs.

Erih Arko - YASKAWA

Erih Arko is the manager of the department for the development of robotic applications in YASKAWA Slovenija . Together with the group, they develop the most advanced solutions in the field of machine vision for robotics and also new process technologies.

Danilo Bisiach, Product Expert at Instrumentation Technologies

As a product manager for Libera products, which are state-of-the-art products in the particle accelerator field, I am responsible for the nuclear and low current measurement products. I am an electronics enthusiast with a master’s degree in chemical and process engineering, and a strong background as a service engineer for biomedical equipment. With regard to my hobbies, I’m also actively engaged in 3D-printing and C/Python programming in my free time.

Primož Lemut, Solutions Architect at Instrumentation Technologies

My role in the company is that of a solutions architect, which means that I focus mostly on designing new products at a conceptual level. I have been with the company for 17 years, and my work here has involved designing RF circuits, digital signal processing, designing circuit boards, programming microcontrollers and similar. It is with great pleasure that I transfer the experience I have acquired here to younger generations, as our work is always interesting and full of challenges, and allows for nearly unlimited career development.

Leon Škapin, Systems Engineer at Instrumentation Technologies

I have a degree in electrical engineering and my role as a system engineer requires skills from the fields of hardware, firmware, and software design. It is this intersection of diverse fields of knowledge that gives me an advantage in developing custom products. Applications that I have experience in range from smart connectivity to IoT and spectroscopy, as well as test and measurement services.

Pieter Hoekstra Programmanager Watertechnologie, CIV Water

Pieter is a program manager responsible for the set up and further development of the CIV Water from a project into a sustainable organisation. On the theme of watermanagement and watertechnologie CIV Water is conneting industrie and education on VET level. In his previous job at a waterboard in Friesland he was involved in many watermanagement projects to make sure the area stayed dry and the waterquality was right level. Beside working Pieter likes to sport and go sailing.

Rudolf Zijlstra, teammanager Vitens

Team manager drinking water. Rudolf is as Teammanager drinking water treatment plants, Rudolf is responsible for the planning, monitoring and optimisation of extraction and treatment activities to ensure a reliable drinking water supply. With his experience in watertreatment, data analysis and laboratory his in an allround specialist. Rudolf likes to sing in a choire or in a karaoke bar; when there’s an opportunity he’ll take it.

Boris Jurkovič, senior software project manager, Mahle

Boris Jurkovič is working in MAHLE as senior software project manager for automotive projects. These products are sold to the mayor automotive OEMs. His team members are spread around the world on all continents. In the past he was working 24 years in telecommunication industry. He was also the part of the team developing microinverters for solar plants. At current position he is also mentoring young graduates writing thesis, and guide them on internship and praxis.

Gunnar Binda – worked as a teacher at a VET school

Gunnar Binda – has worked as a teacher at a VET school for thirty years. Main subjects were data processing, database development, project management and process mapping with ARIS. Since 2011 he is member of the national VET Expert Team NA BIBB. As specialist in process analyses he was co-author for the standard PAS 1093 – Competence Modelling in Human Ressource Development. Additionally, he has developed job profiles and curricula in the field of business administration for developing countries. In this area he is also active for indeson GmbH He is also lecturer for project management at the Distance University of Applied Science Hamburg. Since 1992 he has developed or coordinated international projects in the area of VET. Currently he works at the ITECH school in Hamburg and develops together with his colleagues Heiko Meiwes and Holger Schmidt the concept of virtual agile expert teams and a strategy for internationalization.

Ing David Sacco B - Chief Officer : Production & Treatment Malta Water Services Corporation

Ing David Sacco has been in the water sector for nearly thirty years . He is employed by Water Services Corporation which is the state owned company responsible for the whole water cycle in Malta. Ing D Sacco holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. He is also a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Institute of Engineering Technology of UK. Ing Sacco has expertise in Desalination and membrane treatment projects ranging from design, project management as well as operations and maintenance. During his employment period with Water Services Corporation he was responsible for all RO plants’ optimization programmes that included project financing , design, manufacturing and commissioning. He was also instrumental in the development of special tools to ensure production of water at high efficiency levels and hence lowest operational cost possible. He is currently also responsible for the management of all waste water and reclamation plants .

Heiko Meiwes - teacher for software development, project management and process modelling at ITEC

Heiko Meiwes has worked as a teacher for software development, project management and process modelling at ITECH for 10 years. Besides working at school, he works as a freelancer for IT projects. He has experience in software development, quality assurance, agile setups and leading teams. In school he is together with his interdisciplinary responsible for international affairs, exchange programs, Hackathons and Design Entrepreneurship workshops. The objective of this workshops is to promote and integrate design thinking and entrepreneurial spirit into innovative ideas and business models (

Taru Toivonen - Lecturer in Business College

Mrs. Taru Toivonen has PhD in Economics and master’s degree in Sports. Her doctoral thesis: Interactive Workability of Small Business Entrepreneurs - A Narrative-based Interpretation Regarding the Actions of Finnish Small Business Entrepreneurs - Operating in the Social Business Networks of Costa del Sol in Spain was published in University of Jyväskylä at 2015. She works as Lecturer in Business College. She has specialised in coaching of entrepreneurs, students and SME’s. Her expertise is teaching very different kind of students, boosting motivation and creating effective learning environment. Taru Toivonen is an expert of coaching and teaching in multicultural environments as it has been her favorite topic in daily work and in different development projects. She is also an expert of creating global, intensional networks.

Helena Miettinen - Development specialist at the Helsinki Business College

Mrs. Helena Miettinen, Master of Science (Administration and Economics). She has been systematically educate herself with the fields of marketing and communication, leadership and management, service design, quality assurance, coaching and LEAN/Sixsigma. She works as a Development specialist at the Helsinki Business College and has 25 year of experience in development projects in Education field. She is responsible for the communication and development of the innovation projects of HBC. Earlier she has created and managed numerous innovative development projects both at the national and international level with excellent results. Helena’s key interests are LEAN development, motivation building and life-long learning, business innovations, media and IT, sustainable development, multicultural issues, learning environments, start-ups, communication, networking and collaboration. Helena is an active member of local start-up ecosystems.

Jouni Hytönen - Development manager at the Helsinki Business College

Mr. Jouni Hytönen, Master of Science (Economics), works as a Development manager at the Helsinki Business College. He is responsible for the overall project management of the college and has innovated and managed numerous projects both at the national and international level. Jouni’s key interests are VET, HE, Start up’s, business innovations and applying information and media technology into business solutions and social innovations. Jouni Hytönen is also a project manager in Centers of Vocational Excellence project called “Digital Innovation Hub for Cloud Based Services”. Jouni is an active member of local start-up ecosystems.

Juha Rajala - Helsinki Business College

Mr. Juha Rajala, Bachelor of Business Administration (Information technology), works as a teacher and a project planner at the Helsinki Business College. At the moment he is working as a teacher and coach for the students' business cases in the European-wide DIHUB project. Juha has 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur on web development and his key interests are web development, teaching and innovations in business information technology.

Anja Arhar - Senior Research Strategist at Outfit7

Anja Arhar is Senior Research Strategist at Outfit7 (Ekipa2 d.o.o. subsidiary), one of the world’s fastest-growing multinational mobile-game companies, best known for its award-winning brand, Talking Tom and Friends. Anja has over 10 years of experience in the user research industry. She started her career in a research agency where she acquired her extensive knowledge of the topic, learned methodologies and techniques in both qualitative and quantitative areas. This was also the place where she found her passion in the application of user-centric approach at the early stage of product development. In the last several years, Anja was responsible for the set-up and growth of the user research team at Outfit7, working together to enable a smooth and joyful experience for the players of Outfit7's games.

Bor Kolarič - Senior Product Marketing Strategist at Outfit7

Bor Kolarič is Senior Product Marketing Strategist at Outfit7 (Ekipa2 d.o.o. subsidiary), one of the world’s fastest-growing multinational mobile-game companies, best known for its award-winning brand, Talking Tom and Friends. Bor has over 10 years of experience in marketing and advertising and has been with Outfit7 for 5 years. He has worked on pretty much every major game by Outfit7 as a product marketing manager - a role that’s bridging the gap between marketing and product teams. Some of product marketing’s responsibilities are to help formulate the game vision, identify target audiences, and prepare the game distribution strategy. Currently, Bor is a product marketing lead and focused on establishing methods and processes aimed at seeking and validating product - market fit in early stages of game development.